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Gaming Arm Sleeve 2.0 HyperBeast CS:GO with open glove for PC gamers Selerity

Gaming Arm Sleeve 2.0 HyperBeast CS:GO with open glove for PC gamers Selerity

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- HyperBeast - CS:GO skin (DarkBlue-violet)

🔸Quick Feature Overview:

- Enhances sliding for quick movements.

- Prevents sticking and snagging on surfaces.

- Accelerates blood circulation for muscle health.

- Bright, fade-resistant design. - Elastic fabric with a seamless feel.

- Prevents carpal tunnel syndrome.

- Doesn't constrict the arm and stays in place.

- Breathable fabric for comfortable temperature regulation.

📏 SIZING GUIDE: Ensure the best fit by measuring your arm. Measure the circumference of your biceps at the widest point with a relaxed arm. [Check the photo of size chart] Tip: If you're between sizes, opt for the larger size for comfort. 🔸 More detail about product:

♦️ Elevate Your Speed: Experience a significant boost in your gaming speed! Our Gaming Arm Sleeve is crafted with an elastic "slippery" fabric, ensuring your hand doesn't touch the playing surface, allowing for unparalleled sliding and movement speed.

♦️ Reduce Friction, Maximize Control: Say goodbye to sticking on the table! Our sleeve is compatible with all surface types and mousepads, ensuring smooth movement in every direction. The unique half-palm glove design with a thumb insert keeps your control on the mouse steady and precise.

♦️ Boost Muscle Recovery & Prevent Injury: Keep your game strong and your wrists safe. Our sleeve enhances blood circulation and muscle recovery, keeping you in peak condition post-gaming. It's an excellent preventative measure against carpal tunnel syndrome.

♦️ Durable, High-Quality Construction: Made for the rigors of intense gaming sessions. Our Gaming Arm Sleeve is constructed from premium materials for durability and longevity. It's designed to withstand daily use while maintaining shape and functionality, making it your reliable gaming ally.

♦️ Perfect Fit for All Gamers: Tailored to not restrict your biceps while staying firmly in place. Our sleeve offers a symmetrical fit for both left and right hands, making it ideal for various activities beyond gaming, like volleyball, basketball, and cycling.

♦️ VIBRANT & UNIQUE DESIGN: Stand out with our sleeve's bright colors and prints! Perfect for gamers and esports enthusiasts who love to add a personal touch to their gaming setup. It's not just functional, but also a stylish addition to your gaming gear.

♦️ Health Benefits: Improves blood circulation and muscle recovery. Prevents carpal tunnel syndrome.

♦️ Print Quality: Durable and wash-resistant, the design is molecularly integrated into the fabric, ensuring lasting vibrancy.

♦️ Ideal Gift: Perfect for gaming enthusiasts and professional esports athletes.

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